About Us

Wellcome to HER-STREET

Inspired by the beachy coast to the heart of downtown, we’re constantly creating and delivering our story of Pompano Beach. In a city that’s passionate, free, and in your face with energy and attitude, there’s never a dull moment. 

Our Missions

Brains and beauty, it all starts with our Buyers. We dedicate endless hours forecasting trends, spotting upcoming styles, and determining the colors, prints, fabrics and silhouettes, that are hot for every season. Studying and analyzing real time reports ensures the right products at the right prices are always available for you.

Our Vision

Making you feel beautiful and confident is why we do it. Our In-House Design Team sketches and drapes new garments daily. In CA, where iconic style is born, our collective group of young Designers design for the woman–her body, her lifestyle, and where she is going. We mix function with style, creating clothes that are cute, sexy, effortlessly cool and comfy.

The Product

Every. Detail. Matters. When it comes to quality, our Technical Designers look at every trim, stitch and measurement to ensure the perfect fit. Meeting our quality and price standards means having a dedicated Production Team which works closely with our manufacturers. Together, our Design, Tech Design and Production teams are able to produce a garment from sketch in less than 8 weeks